Small Bag

£ 9.95 

Just pick your fabric and order.

Bag size: 28cm x 18cm approx exc. handles

Medium Bag

£ 14.95 

These bags are 25cm x 38cm.The handles are 78cm long. (all size are approx) They come in all different fabrics.

Large Bag

£ 19.95 

Just pick the fabric you want and order

Size: 47cm x27cm Approx excl. handles

Shoulder Bag

£ 14.95 

Just pick your fabric and order.

Size: 25cm x24cm excl. handles

Delivery charges are: £2.00 2nd class per bag

£2.50 first class per bag.

If ordering multiple bags or delivery outside UK please e-mail first for a delivery quote. 

All payments by fully cleared pay-pal or buy personal cheque. All items will be delivered upon full clearance of funds.

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